· Uses AC power 230-250V 50-60Hz. As a back-up, It has a built-in battery (minimum 12 hours)

· Uses WIFI to connect to internet. As a back-up, GSM SIM card can be used. It supports GPRS and 3G data to connect to internet. It uses SMS and voice call as extra back-up in the event of data communication fails.

· Supports 96 sensors of various types (e.g. smoke detector, PIR motion sensor, gas leak detector, flood detector, door/window magnetic detector).

· Supports 4 wired relays, 4 wireless relays and 1 smart socket.

· Can be monitor by multiple user through apps, both Android and Apple.

· Camera monitoring apps is embedded in system apps.

· Stores up to 6 phone numbers for automatic emergency call.

· Smart socket, all zones and all relays can be renamed.

How it works?

Monitoring & Communications
Normally, KT-H01 is used with WIFI available. In this case, it uses WIFI to connect to internet and communicate with all users. Command from users’ apps is acknowledged by Push Notification. Other notification also sent by Push Notification. For example, Remote Control ‘X’ arm button is pressed or alarm is triggered by ‘X’ sensor. If alarm is triggered, siren will sound at your KT-H01, your apps and (if installed) wired/wireless siren.

Some notification can be selected ON or OFF. Such as:

· AC power failure or recovered.Alarm Alert

· WIFI disconnect or available.

· Host or sensor voltage low.

· System armed or disarmed.





If WIFI is not available, KT-H01 can use GSM data to function the same way as it does with WIFI available by selecting WIFI off in its setting.
If not, it will assume the lost of WIFI signal is temporary and wait until WIFI signal becomes available again. Automatic transfer from WIFI to GSM can and ONLY occur if it detected lost of AC power at the same time, lost of WIFI signal. Logically, if AC power lost, your wireless router won’t work. It is important to note that your KT-H01 only detect and act on WIFI signal availability regardless of the internet status.

And if the SIM card used is not providing data, communication between your KT-H01 and your apps is lost. You apps will show “Host Offline”. If alarm is triggered, your KT-H01 will make a voice call to the number that you have stored. If the first number is unsuccessful, it will call the second ones and so on. If this call is picked up, your KT-H01 will continuously play the recorded message. SMS command from any phone to arm or to disarm will be acknowledged by SMS reply from your KT-H01.

And if the SIM card has no credit but still valid, you can still arm or disarm the system by voice call or SMS command. However, your KT-H01 won’t be able to send you the Armed or Disarmed confirmation nor will it be able to call you when alarm is triggered.

User Interface
Normally, you will communicate with your KT-H01 using apps on your smart phone. You’ll be able to arm/disarm the security system, check history of events, change setting and so on.

If data communication is not available to you, the apps on your smart phone becomes useless. You’ll only be able to receive call when the alarm is triggered. Then, you have the option to disarm the system by making voice call to your KT-H01 or send SMS command. SMS command will be carried out and feedback on the status will be send to you by your KT-H01 through SMS reply. This can be done from any phone capable of sending and receiving SMS.

If you are at the place where there’s no GSM line at all, you can even use public pay phone to call your KT-H01 number and disarm or arm the system.


KT-H01 can be link to a number of components such as PIR (Passive Infra Red) Motion Sensors, Smoke Detectors, Remote Controls, Magnetic Door/Window Sensors, Siren and Relays.

These wireless components are connected to the Host using Radio Frequency; WIFI is not required. Most of these components has built in battery and require no wiring at all. It is important to note that some components are not battery equipped thus, require their own power supply such as the Siren, IP Camera and Gas leak detector.

Wireless relay can be added to your electrical installation such as lights and fans. This will provide you with control to switch it ON or OFF using apps on your smart phone even while you’re away.